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Linda Ritchie of the Steps Group – Nominated by Carmel Crouch


Linda has been volunteering with the Steps Group for 15 hours over four days each week for the past four years. Linda works with and guides students to help them learn independent living skills. She can be doing a range of activities to help, from cooking, cleaning, class work, grocery shopping and organising transport to get to appointments. Linda provides this guidance with a very caring and warm nature. Linda’s volunteering has provided vital support to the students in assisting them to learn independent living skills and guide them on their journey to living independently. Linda has provided immeasurably valuable support to our students and trainers. Linda is extremely dedicated to our organisation and students and provides essential support to the work that we do. Each day, Linda brings ideas, positive energy and a beautiful intensity to the organisation.

Congratulations Linda on the good volunteering you do, thank you!

VQ News for July 2023

If you haven’t already heard, the count-down to National Student Volunteer Week 2023 has official begun, with the event week dates confirmed for 7-13 August 2023, nationwide!

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