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Coastal Caring Clowns Inc

Coastal Caring Clowns


There’s never been a time when we’ve had a greater need to be instilled with cheer and good humour than now. With that in mind, we salute the Coastal Caring Clowns as our member of the month.

Coastal Caring Clowns Incorporated is a voluntary group of Sunshine Coast people, based out of Buderim, who follow Patch Adams’ philosophy that laughter is the best medicine.

The objectives and purpose of Coastal Caring Clowns are: “to promote and encourage the arts of clowning to bring caring, happiness and inspiration to the community, particularly through visits to hospitals, respite centers, nursing homes and similar, and by partaking in other events.”

Coastal Caring Clowns Inc

Coastal Caring Clowns Inc is the only organisation in Queensland that trains volunteers in the art of hospital clowning. The training is based on Clown Ethics, Hospital Visit Guidelines, Aged Care Visit Guidelines and more than eighteen years of clown volunteering experience. Regular meetings, workshops and Lead Clown Mentoring are part of the training.

Volunteering Sunshine Coast love steps and everything they do on the Sunshine Coast and around Australia. Thank you Steps for supporting Volunteering Sunshine Coast as a member organisation, we look forward to supporting your volunteers for many years to come!

Volunteering Sunshine Coast has a special connection with the Coastal Caring Clowns as our very own former CEO, Cheryl Harris, was a founding member of the organisation under the pseudonym “Daffodil”.

So stop clowning around and visit their website: www.coastalcaringclowns.com/

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