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Lorraine Taylor of Street Art Nambour – Nominated by Jesse Serrell


Lorraine volunteers approximately 8 to 10 hours a day, and does this most days of the week. Lorraine rarely gives herself a day off and is always doing something. Lorraine Taylor created an arts project “Street Art Nambour” in town to work with emerging and professional artists, business owners, landlords and major companies that have a presence in that town. She has succeeded in beautifying public areas of the town and getting artists to be paid fairly for their work. Lorraine’s initiative has improved the town as a tourism destination and given work and opportunities to local artists. As a result of this, they obtained a national contract for Hello Harrys to paint murals inside their stores. Lorraine’s work has resulted in having over 30 murals in three years. Without Lorraine, Nambour would not have been a finalist in the Australian Street Art Awards or be featured in a viral post in the USA for Sunshine Coast Pinballs Black Knight Mural. Lorraine has not only created an economic booster for Nambour supporting businesses, but has also given Nambour a reason to thrive.

Congratulations Lorraine on the good volunteering you do, thank you!

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