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Member of the Month

Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre


We’re thrilled to spotlight Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre as our member of the Month. This organisation is making a substantial impact in our community by providing essential services and support.

Room Hire Maroochydore

Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre serves as a vital community hub, offering affordable room rentals with access to a commercial kitchen for various activities, from education to social gatherings. 

All rooms are air-conditioned, have access to kitchen and toilet facilities, are fully furnished and Wheelchair accessible. Plenty of parking is available. 

Seconds-on-Fifth Opportunity Shop

Their “Seconds-on-Fifth Opportunity Shop” is a unique social enterprise offering affordable clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags, and collectibles to the broader community.

The Urban Farm and Community Garden

The Urban Farm grows chemical-free salad greens, herbs, and seasonal produce, benefiting local food businesses and the community. The Community Garden allows urban residents to cultivate their vegetables and herbs.

Family Support Program

Volunteer-driven, the Family Support Program provides mentoring, information, and assistance to families, boosting their confidence and family bonds. Need support? Phone 0432 805 721 or email fsp@maroochync.org.au

TheOne Roof Project: A Beacon of Hope

The “One Roof Project” offers meals, mobile showers, and laundry services to the homeless and struggling families every Tuesday and Thursday night. They also provide free hairdressing, employment counselling, mental health check-ups, and more.

Get Involved!

Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre welcomes volunteers, donations, and support. Your involvement can make a significant difference in our community.
Let’s join hands to support Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre’s outstanding work in building a stronger, more sustainable community.

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