Volunteering Sunshine Coast

Strategic Plan


Our vision is to be a self-sustaining organisation supporting our diverse communities, by providing benevolent relief through collaborative volunteering.


An independent not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting the well-being of our Sunshine Coast local communities through the provision of a range of support programs and fostering  excellence in volunteering.


Commitment to quality service and ethical behavior
Responsible, accessible, inclusive, and collaborative
Welcoming, caring and professional
Respectful to all
Supporting safe practices and work environment

Strategic Objectives


  • Become the provider of choice for all volunteering opportunities and services through effective and innovative volunteer support, referral and placements.
  • Build long-term relationships with individuals, member organisations, community networks and partnerships within our region.
  • Identify and recruit volunteers with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds in response to community needs.

Marketing & Sales

  • Increase awareness of support programs and volunteering opportunities to all stakeholders.
  • Understand the needs of the community and stakeholders in order to define and expand our services to meet identified needs.


  • Provide and deliver volunteer services focused on benevolent relief to our diverse communities
  • Deliver quality services using the National Volunteer Standards as a baseline and incorporate new standards to cater for rapidly emerging trends.


  • Ensure ongoing viability through good governance and sound financial management.

Research, Development & Innovation

  • Create a design-thinking innovative collective based on collaboration of existing networks, partnerships and social enterprises.